Sunflowers for Ukraine. The City of Allegan and Brave Art Studios & Gallery are sponsoring a fund raiser for the Global Relief for the Refugees of the Ukraine War. Artists will be sharing their works with sunflowers for sale with 20% of all sales will go to

As we are moving forward with this fund raiser, I was asked why Sunflowers for Ukraine. The simple answer is that Sunflowers are the National Flower of Ukraine. They are one of the top producers in the world of all things sunflower related, oils, seeds, flours, etc...
But I see another reason for them being our theme.... The strength of the sunflower stem supports a weighty head filled with seeds for the future. It reminds me of great minds and thoughts.

They are rooted well in our earth and grow prolifically! When root systems are allowed to remain after they die back, they add nutrients and help the soil hold water better. They detoxify the soils they grow in! They attract polinators and birds that bring life and sustenance to all.

Sunflowers also turn towards the light and away from the darkness. You can track the movement of the sun with the direction the blooms face!
When they encounter darkness or a day without enough sun, they turn towards each other for strength and energy.
I think now a better question would be how do I not chose Sunflowers for Ukraine when the the whole of the nation represents all of these characteristics!

Music by Dave & Connie D Music Biz

Food truck and beverages will be available.

Suggested Donation at door $10 per person.

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